Upload Your Mini-Edit to Instagram in 10 Easy Steps

Instagram does not currently allow upload via a desktop computer, so you'll need to save your video to your phone before you can upload it. To do this, you'll need the Dropbox App.

Step 1: Download the Dropbox App and create an account using the email address you have provided us.

Step 2: You should have an email in your inbox called "Zach via Dropbox". It will say that 'Zach Cullen wants to share "IG Share (Your Name)" with you. Exit your email and open the Dropbox app and sign in.

Step 3: In the Dropbox app you will see the folder we have shared. Navigate from the 'Files' tab to the 'Photos' tab. There you will see the video we've sent you. Tap the video to open it.

Step 4: Tap the Share / Save icon, then choose to Save Video to Download it to your phone. (Connect to WiFi first to save data)



Step 5: When the export is complete the video will be saved in high quality to your 'Photos' on your phone.

Step 6: Open Instagram and click the record button to create a new post. Choose 'Library' and find the video, it should be your most recent.

Step 7: Select the Video and be sure to click the little arrows in the lower left corner to make the video post in LANDSCAPE MODE. Your video should now be a rectangle NOT A SQUARE :) click Next.


Step 8: Click the Select Thumbnail button to choose which frame of the video will be the cover image in your feed. Your feed only has square images so make sure you choose this based on what is in the center of the frame, not off to the side. Click Next.

Step 9: Write your caption and be sure to put @cullenstudio in your caption somewhere so we can see that you've shared it and what your friends say! This will also help your friends find our studio :)


Step 10: Click SHARE and you're done!