A profile of Cullen Studio by the Lovewell Post

In anticipation of the LoveGivesWell event the Lovewell Post has been interviewing and posting about all the fantastic LOCAL wedding vendors that are participating... including Cullen Studio! Check out what they had to say about us!

"The best way to show Zach off is through his work. His wedding films are artistic, modern, meaningful, emotional, and beautiful– truly embracing each couple and their story."

- Kate Brown, Owner of Lovewell Celebration Design




LoveGivesWell Event - Bringing together Syracuse's Best!

This month we are honored to join a host of amazingly talented wedding vendors to give away a wedding. The event is coordinated and designed by Kate Brown of Lovewell Celebration Design for her AMAZING LOCAL BLOG The Lovewell Post. I can't say enough about how great Kate is! She helped me get started in 2013 by setting me up with Zak & Emily and Josh & Jen and I get excited every time I book one of her clients because I know the day will be so beautiful and most importantly - the timeline will be perfect ;)


We made this little preview video to help promote the event and we can't wait to shoot the event at the Historic Landmark Theater on August 22! For now meet our very special couple Becky & Craig:


Matt & Rachel's Emerson Park Wedding

Matt & Rachel brought their California sunshine with them to their wedding at Emerson Park in Auburn, NY. Their adventurous and nostalgic spirit showed when they decided to play on the playground for pictures. This wedding is a classic and I loved every part of filming it!

Big thanks to Kate Brown of Lovewell Celebration Design

Alan & Ruth's Catskills Wedding at the Inn at West Settlement

Alan and Ruth's story is so amazing it seems the Universe itself planned that they would fall in love and get married. They are also two of the most creative people I've ever seen in action, their decorations were amazing! I loved their playful energy, hip dance moves, and crazy-awesome sense of style. Pay attention people- this is how you plan a wedding!

Ryan & Danielle's Cooperstown Wedding #THETRONS

Ryan and Danielle are perfect together and they are one of the most fun-loving, crazy, awesome couples I've ever seen. #THETRONS throw an amazing party - everybody had a great time and I hope this video of their Cooperstown Wedding is as fun as their big day!

P.S. Big thanks to Danielle for coming up with the idea for a video booth ;)

Brian & Erinn's Inns of Aurora Wedding

From the very personal something blue in Erinn's dress to the gorgeous auburn sky at sunset there were so many beautiful moments and sights from Brian and Erinn's June wedding at Willard Memorial Chapel and reception at the Aurora Inn. This wedding and this couple were absolutely stunning! Big thanks to Chris Szulwach from The Story Photography for setting up these gorgeous portraits!

Gavin & Nicole's Wedding Adventure

What is truly touching in Gavin and Nicole's story is not only their love but their amazing friendship. This day was full of tears of laughter as well as tears of joy. Nicole vows to be Gavin's "adventure girl" and the days journey proves this is more than just a name. There were so many special moments from a first look in the lush forested gardens at Root Glen to sparklers and lanterns at Dibbles Inn. I fell in love with this couple and truly enjoyed getting to know them and tell their story!

 Gavin is a fellow videographer and friend! Check out his awesome work HERE

Jen & Gabe's Cooperstown Wedding May 2014

Jen & Gabe were awesome and a great way to start off the season! Their reception at The Otesaga Resort Hotel was amazing! My favorite part was the traditional Italian Folk Song sang by the Patriarchs of Gabe's family. I've never seen anything like it and you don't want to miss it!