Alexandra & Dan - It's about MOMENTS

What makes a great wedding film (and a very special day) are the moments planned into the day, not just the venue and the decorations.

This couple is amazing. Let's start there. They love each other so much and their families and friends could barely contain their emotions on this very special day. After surviving a long distance relationship and multiple moves Lex & Dan knew their relationship was built to last, and the sweetness of knowing their love had been tested just overflowed into every moment of this day.

One thing we've learned this year at Cullen Studio is that what makes a great wedding film (and a very special day) are the moments planned into the day, not just the venue and the decorations. In 2015 this is going to be our biggest priority as we get to know our couples.

Here are some TOP MOMENTS from the day:


1. Lex's Gift

Dan's sister delivered a book of letters Lex had collected from all his loved-ones, then reading him hers. This is one of the best gifts I've ever seen on a wedding day.


2. Father - Daughter First Look

This moment almost always brings tears. I've never seen so many bridesmaids holding tissues to their eyes!


3. Groom and Bride First Look

In the absence of any shade whatsoever on a very HOT Virginia day this one was tough to pull off, but some nice foregrounding from a patch of wildflowers made our footage really beautiful (and also provided a barrier for the couple's privacy)


4. Cute Flower Girls Dancing

Sorry, but cuteness always wins. Get some cute kids at your wedding and let them run wild.



Okay we all know that weather is the one thing that can't be planned for but the timing of this light and this backdrop were simply miraculous. They actually pushed back the wedding by 25 minutes when it started to rain but the light afterwords was... butter.


6. These Giant Heads

The LoveGivesWell Event - Celebrating Love & Local

This summer, Cullen Studio participated in the LoveGivesWell Event- a wedding giveaway bringing together the top wedding artists from the Syracuse, NY area. It was an amazing and really fun wedding put together by Kate Brown of Lovewell Celebration Design. I absolutely loved working with Craig & Becky on their wedding day, they were so fun and playful and goofy and adventurous.... they flagged down a firetruck to take a picture, asked some police to handcuff them, and did the wobble in formation all spontaneously! But despite all the shenanigans there was genuine, sincere love that filled their day as well.

Check out the full post to see all the vendors HERE and check out the photos of the day by Leo Timoshuk in part one of the day HERE

After meeting this couple and looking at the footage I knew there was only one way to go with the music and that was to choose a happy/fun/party song. Check it out!

Katie & Billy's Frog Pond B&B Wedding

Katie and Billy were one of the first couples to ever book Cullen Studio, so needless to say I really really reallllyyy wanted this film to be amazing... and they didn't make it easier by becoming my friends that just made me more nervous! But the amount of care they put into planning their day paid off - and they even got lucky with an absolutely STUNNING sunset just in time for some evening portraits. This wedding was amazing and I was absolutely blown away by the kindness and hospitality of Katie and Billy's families. Everything was beautiful- this film should come with a tissue warning!

Tim & Setta's Vermont Wedding - The 1824 House

We had fun with our first Vermont Wedding and it turned out great! Tim and Setta contacting me at the last minute- just a week before their wedding and I'm so glad they did! This wedding was beautiful and it was great to travel to a new place :) One of my favorite parts of this wedding was Setta's dad officiating. He did an amazing job and had such wisdom and beautiful words to share- unfortunately we had to save most of that for the long edit ;)

Tim & Setta's vows were so poetic and set just perfectly against the backdrop of the beautiful 1824 House.  They chose the song Lover of the Light by Mumford & Sons and this song just came alive for their video. I'm so grateful that I got to meet them and be a part of their special day!

Darius & Ashley's Wedding Trailer

Darius and Ashley and their dogs (let's not forget the dogs!) make up a loving family that much like the gorgeous sunset they got just shines! Seriously... that sunset though...

Oh and this video was edited by my new assistant Gabrielle Frawley- she's so talented and I'm excited to have her on the team!!! Look out for more from her in the future :)

Andrew & Sonia's Wedding at The Crane Estate - Ipswich, Mass

Andrew and Sonia have a beautiful and warm love that radiates joy to everyone they care about. Their playful energy and smiles just lit up the beautiful Crane Estate in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

I had fun editing to this unique music the bride chose. I feel like this video has a really different energy than anything I've edited so far but I think it came out really cool! I learn something new with every video and hopefully add another perspective to my craft!

Special thanks to the wedding planer Caitlin Campbell of
AND the amazing photographer Leila Brewster of
for making the day beautiful and helping direct the beautiful portraits. You guys rock!